I was 16 years old living in a small  closed minded working class town just outside of London when I asked my boyfriend at the time whether he'd be polyamorous with me. He was horrified and I was slut shamed by him and anyone he told as desiring exploration and not marriage at age 16 was unthinkable!

10 years on, I no longer cling to labels such as polyamory or monogamy. It is my belief that every relationship sits some where on the spectrum between poly and mono and that is what I am passionate about. People writing their own scripts for their relationships instead of allowing society to push them into the pre-written script of: 

Dating > Meet The Parents > Get Married > Have Babies > Die Old Together.

 Open relating to me is the concept of deciding what works for you and being in open communication with your ever changing desires. So many people are fearful to speak up and make requests as no body is talking about the things they desire. 

It's 2018 and that has to change. I encourage and coach people to Ask for what they want and not what they think they can have.

For the past 10 years I've been studying  open relating, and for the past two years I've been coaching clients in how they can navigate these unknown waters. I am a qualified counsellor and coach. I use my background in somatic therapy to compliment my talk therapy when working with clients.

My services help individuals and couples communicate what it is they desire. Often this service is about tranforming the relationship we have with ourselves and the people around us. The goal is never to become polyamorous or monogamous.

Through different medias I give advice and options for people wanting to learn, experience and open relating and where you might fit on the spectrum of mono or poly.

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From Fearful to Freedom in 27 Days

Above is a relationship map I created to help individuals and couples play with the idea of opening their relationship to many loves.

The key to having a relationship that is closer to polyamory than monogamy is to take it slow and assess what you really want and where its coming from inside you.

Knowing yourself and protecting the ones you love can really help you move these big decisions.


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This map is part of my online coaching programme Pathways to Open Relating.

If you wish to find out more detailed juicy stories of how myself and the people around me navigate our relationships please check out my Patreon with the link below.

Guides to non monogamy

Pathways to Non Monogamy

Pathways to Non Monogamy explores all the many options we have to create the relationships we desire. It can be used as a guide to opening up your relationship or it can help you create safe transparent monogamous relationships.

Write Your Own Script

Discover how real life people are navigating open relating through my online interview series.

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