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The path to sexual discovery takes time and devotion. To get the best results it is ideal to do a series of 4 sessions.

I offer a discounted price of $800 for 4 sessions. This will save you $430 in total.


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Feminine Wounds Yoni Ritual


 This Yoni Ritual is for women who have a lot coming up or feel numb in their emotions perhaps it’s a 


- Break up
- Past trauma
- Sexual abuse
- Family problems
- Bullying
- Someone’s taken your power
- Feeling lost


This yoni ritual will help you clear and align you back to your true nature allowing you to live life to your full potential.
I believe when we suppress any


- Anger
- Sadness
- Rage
- Disappointment
- Shame
- Trauma
- Triggers


Then we drag our happiness down with it.
In order to receive what we want in life we must remove the blocks to stop us from struggling to live the life we desire.


If you feel like you’re relationships, friendships, money flow, success could be improved then you can use this ritual.


This ritual is a full body de-armouring process that makes a change on a cellular level. Much like a yoni massage it creates huge shifts that help you process you’re wounds

Talk Therapy

Write your own script - Relationship Counselling

I specialise in coaching for the relationship you want, not the relationships society tells you you should have.

I work with couples or individuals to work through 

- Marital issues

- Open relating and how to cater it for your needs

- Sexual dysfunction

- Sexual Trauma

- Sexual Relating

- Lost Libido

- Jealousy

- Trust issues

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