Yoni Eggs


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The following crystals are available:

Indian Jade - Emerald green in 

appearance its qualities include purity, help with the nervous system and to release old patterns.

Amethyst - Purple in appearance it promotes balance, peace, protects your energy field from negative influences and eliminates impatience.

Rose Quartz - Light pink in appearance it reduces stress, helps grieve, nourishes and comforts the heart.

Labradorite -  Dark green with blue specks it. It is the stone of magic and protection, it increases your psychic abilities and enhances the synchronicity of everyday life.

Black obsidian - Black in appearance it is a powerful stone of healing. It absorbs trauma and negative energy from the tissues.

Black Obsidian De-armouring Wands


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Black obsidian pleasure pain wands allow you to take your self love rituals to a new and expansive level.
The black obsidian stone itself has healing properties as it absorbs negative energy such as past trauma, karmic cycles and everyday stresses. When using these wands you can explore parts of the vaginal canal that you wouldn't normally reach.
The vaginal canal has extremely sensitive tissue and holds on to anything we're not dealing with. When this tissue holds tension it creates a knot, (much like the knots you'd hold in your back from too much tension). These knots create numbing and pain. By exploring your vagina with these wands you are able to release the knots and feel into any discomfort that may arise. By applying some pressure to the knots you are able to release the tension and reawaken the erectile tissue. This in time increases the pleasure you can experience while aroused.
No two vaginas are the same. There is nothing to say that using these wands won't just bring you an immense amount of pleasure. The shapes that I had made up are specifically designed to help reach and awaken the g spot.
These shapes have been known to help women reach ejaculation.
Female ejaculate is known in ancient texts as Amrita. Amrita is said to contain sadness, pain and pleasure. Often women find that ejaculating can cause a shift in their lives that allows them to let go of situations they are holding onto from the past.
If you have an interest in buying either of these wands please send me a private message. 

The ball wand retails at $149
The hook wand retails at $179

Yoni Elixir


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Enhance your yoni massage, your self-love practises, breast massage, tantric, womb & goddess work and all your sacred moments, with your partner...or without your partner. 

Honour yourself as woman daily with gratitude. Build your self love and watch your magnetic feminine as she attracts her desires and builds greater intimacy in your relationships. 

Comes with instructions for sacred use, with your partner...or alone.


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