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Daniel Taylor - Brisbane

Definitely recommend booking a session with Vic. Super lovely and understanding. I went in for a session not knowing what I was going to experience and it was super eye opening for me.I'll just say be open minded, honest and share all you can so Vic can best help you.

Josh Kwon - Brisbane

Highly recommend erotic meditation sessions with Tantric Witch. It was an incredibly enlightening experience and a positive night. Only tried one session and learned so much, can't wait to go back 

Mark Pringle - Sunshine Coast

Victoria is amazing at what she does and is leading the way in her field. She is great at holding space, listening and allowing one to be as vulnerable as they want and I left our session feeling incredible.

Joel Hinton - Gold Coast

After only few short interactions with Victoria, I felt safe and welcomed to reach out to her to help further my growth, learning & experience in the world of Tantra and Conscious Sexuality. Our session was something i actually approached with excitement & felt very relaxing and comforting, I felt safe to be open and authentic to myself. Free of judgement or shame. Was able to be present and learn more about myself. Which impressed myself in that ability, freed from attachment or expectation.

River Bugeja - Gold Coast

First session went so well and she made me feel super comfortable! We set goals and I left with practical tools I could implement in my day to day to aid the healing process which I found very helpful. Communication is also very open and clear which I also love!

Holly Rockardt - Brisbane

Victoria is amazing at what she does. I went to an orgasmic meditation night run by her and the event was professional, educational and relaxing. Victoria makes sure that everyone is comfortable by checking in and by ensuring everyone understands consent and that it is ok to say no. I highly recommend going!

Yoni Mapping Session

Mickie Monroe - Gold Coast

I was unsure if I would share this but if i didn't that wouldn't be honouring my values of being integral and real in my vulnerability.

We have so much conditioning and shame around this part of our body it is time to break down these barriers and bring back the connection to our sexual selves.
Yesterday I had a Yoni mapping session with the beautiful Victoria Smith and I wanted to share my experience.

For those that don't know "Yoni" is a sanskrit word that means "sacred temple" and is a more honoring word for our Vagina. 

A yoni mapping session is basically a type of acupressure massage as the reflexology of our Yoni is connected to different parts of our body, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Our hearts are directly connected to this area and we actually store our emotions in the cellular memory of the muscles in our pelvic region. 

I was nervous as I have been dealing with trauma and disconnect within my body but I knew that this type of session would allow me to release emotions that no longer served me and I had been harbouring and my yoni was guiding me towards this form of healing.

The session was profoundly emotional as I allowed whatever needed to be felt to be expressed and the only way I can describe it was near the end I had an emotional climax, a deep emotion came up and I felt it completely, it was the feeling of great despair and loneliness, this was a regular feeling for me growing up as I had significant moments of feeling misunderstood and extremely alone in my despair. 

It was so deep to allow myself to safely feel this emotion without going into a story and I could feel the buzzing of energy shoot through my body as these blocks were expressed and released.

This is truly profound for us women to reclaim our Yoni space, beyond just seeing it for sex or for pleasure. This space has it's own intelligence within the body and the more we connect with it, the more embodied we can allow ourselves to feel.
My experience was mine, sometimes this can awaken the pleasure centres in the womb, it can be powerfully orgasmic or extremely emotional, it's about non judgement and allowing yourself to feel whatever is wishing to be expressed and reconnecting with this part of yourself in a safe space.

If you feel like this may be something that you are interested in looking into further and you live on the Gold Coast, I highly recommend Victoria Smith Tantric Witch I felt very safe and she held space for me beautifully.

And for the men who may read this, I hope this can help you understand how important it is for a woman to feel safe and connected with this part of her body and that if you have a partner who wishes to do something along the lines of this on her journey, to let go of any judgements and just offer acceptance and support on her path to sensual embodimemt

Yoni Massage Session

Jennifer Gayle - Gold Coast

My experience with Yoni Massage.

I contacted Victoria Tantric Witch after meeting a crossroads in my intimate relationships. I felt a need to rid myself of sexual energies I felt I had been harbouring for some time and reconnect with my self on a sexual and spiritual level.

The night before my “Vaag Massage” I contemplated the experience that was soon to follow… Would I be turned on? Would I feel lustful? Yearning? Would I feel uncomfortable? Shame even? I decided to let myself be.

I decided that whatever I felt would be ok, and with encouragement from Victoria when I arrived, I began to let myself feel more at ease and let my soul and spiritual self be nurtured.

Victoria held the space and made me feel completely at ease to allow my self to feel. I entered into a meditative state, acknowledging the array of different emotions and feelings that began to stem from her touch.

With permission Victoria began to caress my labia. How did I feel about this? What was happening? Questions streamed through my mind as I allowed myself to relax and be open to the experience.

Initially, I thought my main feelings would be desire, or erotic arousal but as I let my thoughts take a back seat and let my yoni have a voice, she had something very different to say…

Throughout the practice as discussed Victoria told me she would be making noises and encouraged me to do the same if I felt anything arise. As I embraced the range of different sensations I connected to different emotions and feelings that started to flow, from pleasure, to uncertainty, to fleeting moments of pain, to sadness, to fear of the darker side of myself. I tried to focus on surrendering to the experience, I felt the urge to make noise but other than a few deep breaths nothing came out…

Had I stifled my poor yoni’s voice for so long that she was unable to speak to me? I acknowledged the thought and tried not to force anything, just to feel. I felt my mind tell my body to make noises that my yoni didn’t feel, and since I’d given her voice centre stage, I refrained.

I realised that through my sexual encounters with men or in the presence of men, I had trained myself to moan and make “pleasure” noises without them being associated to actual feelings pleasure. I found the only noise I did release was a small amount of laughter… Perhaps brought on by my reaction to Vic’s noises. While I let myself lol, part of me felt embarrassed about laughing, but I continued to feel and allow Victoria to guide me, knowing that she could handle what I felt.

Later that day I felt the urge to masturbate. As I practised my self pleasure (with my vibrator as I usually prefer), upon climax my ears were surprised to hear myself not “moaning” but expelling a deep and almost animalistic sound.

My yoni had finally been given an audible voice. What an amazing feeling. Like a long held exhale, I let the sound flow out of me without judgement.

While I still have work to do on building my relationship with my yoni, I feel yoni massage has really enlightened me to not only embark on a further spiritual journey with myself but to allow myself to truly feel…

I’m excited to continue this journey with Victoria, and my yoni…

Thank you Tantric With for helping me take the plunge!


Danielle Smith - Gold Coast

Victoria creates a safe sacred space for you to let go and to delve deep into pain and trauma that you hold in your Yoni. 

It feels shamanic and ritualistic - like a greater force, energy and power is coming in to help heal.

After doing a session With her I felt lighter - I knew I had something stuck in my yoni but based on the experience I had in my session I didn’t realise how much.

She is a trustworthy practitioner who truly cares about helping you move through all your STUFF.   

I’m so glad I found her. I think everyone should have a Yoni mapping with her.

Self pleasure circle

Peta White - Gold Coast

Thank you so much for the workshop on Saturday night, I had such an awesome time! Like I said in my intro, I was there for myself but I really couldn't understand why I was there.

That was until the actual self-pleasuring started. I had my eyes closed and just ran my hands all over my body  (I have injuries and parts of myself that I hate) the activity made me appreciate my body in a completely different way than I have ever done before. I hugged my stomach because that's where I grew my three children (I lost one, but he/she still lived there no matter how short a time it was). 

I massaged my knees because even though they cause me constant pain, I need to love that pain because although it hasn't stopped me from being a badass, it makes me think about consequences before jumping in and doing something fucking awesome! :-)

I explored my vagina and everywhere around, and in her :-)

She is fucking amazing!!! I had the biggest and longest orgasm I have ever had.. and I didn't even touch my clit lol!!!!

I haven't stopped masturbating since I got home either.. I also think I had my first g-spot orgasm.. I'm not sure but Fuck it was GOOD!!

I've always thought that the play I've done has made me appreciate my body and has put me in a better understanding of it, and it has :-)

Thank you so much for the evening and I look forward to getting to know you through more events and workshops :-)

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