Victoria Smith

Sexological Bodywork

Sexological bodywork involves a variety of instructive modalities, including breath work, touch, erotic massage, genital mapping and masturbation coaching.

The main reasons people come to see me are:

- Premature ejaculation.
- Erectile dysfunction.
- Post surgical procedures.
- Inability to orgasm.
- Disappointing orgasms.
- Pelvic pain relief.
- Couples wanting to reconnect sexually.
- Couples wanting to explore more pleasure 

The Tantric Witch

In our culture discussion of sex is taboo.
This soon will change.
We will start to see more acceptance of sexuality, no shame on gender and more acknowledgement of the mind body connection.

I offer a safe and professional space for people to ask questions, be with their body and explore their arousal in a shame free, guilt free environment.

21st Century Somatic Education

My aim is to evolve the status quo to feel comfortable with the topic of SEX.

For society to remember the sacred art of tantra and connecting to one another. And to restore the alchemy amongst men and women.

The work I do can help individuals reconnect to their sexual self and couples strengthen their bond.
It can also help those who need to release trauma, explore taboos and cope with negative societal limitations


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